The Active Business Company GmbH provides standard, special and customized silicon material from the top-tier silicon wafer manufacturers. We supply silicon material according to your requirement in a variety of diameters and grades.


Our Advantages:

 •  long lasting, international network of leading silicon material manufacturers (Top Tier Manufacturer)
 •  large stock, small lot sizes, many specifications
 •  located in the European Union
 •  reduction of administrative expenses for the customer due to already declared commodity
 •  delivery free
 •  delivery of small quantities possible
 •  high flexibility
 •  full service provider (one-stop shop for silicon material, coatings, applications and more)

Wafer Specifications

 •  Silicon Wafer
 •  CZ and FZ
 •  50 mm up to 450 mm
 •  different particle specifications
 •  crystal orientations <100>, <110> und <111> and more on request
 •  different resistivities
 •  different thicknesses starting at 50 microns
 •  surfaces: SSP, DSP, BSD, etched, coated

Major Markets:

 •  equipment manufacturers
 •  chip manufacturers
 •  opto-electronic industry
 •  MEMS
 •  R&D centers
 •  universities
 •  chemical industry
 •  coating service provider

In case of any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. A quote can be requested directly by filling out our request form.