Spezial Services

The Active Business Company GmbH offers wafer services according to the demands of our customers. Due to our established service network our portfolio increases continuously. Currently the following services can be provided:


Thermal Oxidation:
 •  dry oxidation from 10 nm to 300 nm (typically)
 •  wet oxidation from 300 nm up to 4 µm
 •  tolerance ± 5% for run, ± 2% within-wafer
 •  standard SEMI specification silicon wafers or special geometries
 •  specialty oxides for telecommunication applications

 •  special Order Oxide Applications with controlled dielectric strength
 •  Quick turnaround on oxide services


 •  annealing in ambient atmosphere
 •  forming gas annealing
 •  gustomer specific temperature and ramp rates
 •  standard SEMI spec silicon wafers or special geometries

 •  SiC
 •  Ti, TiN
 •  Nitride
 •  and much more

Laser cutting & Scribing:
 •  diameter reduction and special geometry cuts
 •  format: M-12, M13 or customer specific
 •  depth from 4 µm (soft laser mark) to 60 µm (hard laser mark)
 •  vector or dot matrix

Wafer thinning:
 •  3” through 8” wafers down to 50µm thickness
 •  2", 3" and 4" wafers down to 20µm thickness
 •  single and double side processing