Si-Si bonded wafers are a cost effective alternate to thick film or inverse Epitaxial (EPI) wafers, which are usually used for e.g. power devices and PiN-Diodes.

We provide a direct wafer bonding technology which allows producing silicon wafers containing multiple layers of single crystal silicon. The resistivity range of these layers is between 0,001 Ohmcm up to 15000 Ohmcm. They can be combined by N- and P-Type including different combinations of Crystal orientation, without any autodoping, which occurs at conventional EPI-Wafers. The Si-Layers show a low BOW, low leakage and low defect density.

Si-Si bonded wafers are ideal for applications such as PIN diodes or in the fabrication of high-voltage IGBTs where lightly doped EPI layers are used on highly doped substrates and where high-quality EPI layers are required. The conventional SOI technology allows improved layer thickness control up to ± 0,5 μm, regardless of layer thickness, compared to conventional EPI production.

For micro-processing developers, Si-Si bonded wafers offer a further alternative to enable single-crystal layers with different crystal orientations and doping concentrations, thus creating unique structures.

Key Features

  • High Quality
  • Low costs
  • Low defect density
  • Excellent Layer uniformity
  • Multiple layers
  • Sharp transitions
  • Layer resistivity’s up to 15.000 Ohmcm
  • Excellent interface quality


  • Replacement for thick Epitaxial Layers
  • High Voltage Power Devices
  • RF Attenuators
  • X-Ray Detectors
  • IR-Sensors
  • Photo Detectors
  • High Voltage PIN Diodes